Pastor Gabriel


Rachel Hyman

Pastor's wife, Director of Jewish-Christian Relations

Clarence Lewis

Head Elder

Saul Samuel

Elder, Director of Missing Members MInistry

Elvester Woods

Elder and Funeral Services Director

Meckey Lepulu

Elder, Principle of Hilltop Christian School

Carolyn Kearbey

Elder and Card Ministries Director

Sardar Samuel


Julie Hubbard

Elder and Community Services Director

Nazir Masih


Bert Cendejas


Chalena Ramirez


Mirna Salgado


Rose Fletcher


Steven Johnson

Head Deacon

Lydia Paredes

Head Deaconess and VBS Director

Emil Samuel

Director for Creative Ministries

Zach Polite

Youth Leader

Otilia Orozco

Elder of Spanish Church

Zoila Hernandez

Head Deaconess of Spanish Church

Jerry Orozco

Haroldo Poiret

Elder and Media Ministries Director

Earl Cornell


Dr. Gene Zimmerman


Meet Our Leaders

It's is not only a pastor that helps a church to grow- we have several reliable leaders that help our church thrive and keep it going! You can read about each one of them here below, and if you have a question for one of them about their specific department, don't hesitate to contact them! They would love to speak with you.

Eden Nyirendah

Fellowship Ministries Director

Walker Lepulu


Valu Fua


Liss Pohirieth

Director of Adventurer's Club

Oleg Litvak

Family Ministries Director

Pam Litvak

Family Ministries Director

Vera Gonzalez

Director of Greeter

Philip Morgan


Christiana McGee

Special Sabbath Coordinator

Antioch Seventh-day Adventist church

2200 Country Hills Dr.

Antioch, CA. 94509

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